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What sets Dr. Whedon
apart as a chiropractor?


Dr. Eric Whedon's purpose is to serve each individual who is on his table. His larger purpose as a whole is to stimulate thought and to change how we view and take care of our health so that ultimately the world's view of health changes.


The idea that the body is able to heal by its own accord excites him. He loves that as a chiropractor he can help the body function at its highest potential and to adapt to stresses. He also loves that the principles of chiropractic care are simple, yet their effect is exponential, affecting individuals, the community, and ultimately the whole world. A chiropractor helps people be healthier. Those healthier individuals then helps others live healthier and interact with others better. This means every time Dr. Whedon adjusts a patient, he is helping the whole world improve.


Dr. Whedon wants his patients to know the truth about what is going on with their body so that they can make the best and most informed decision for their health. This comes back to changing the world. Most of the world doesn't make an informed decisions regarding health—they just do what the doctor tells them to do. Dr. Whedon tells you your options and asks what you would like to do. He wants you to make the decision that is best for you at this time.


Why did Dr. Whedon
become a chiropractor?


Dr. Whedon's first major as a college undergrad was electrical engineering. He liked knowing how things worked, how they were designed, how they moved, and how to improve what wasn't working. However, he wasn't interested in all the math required for engineering.


A list of career choices that would be a good fit for him included being a chiropractor. He was already familiar with this field because his mother had visited a chiropractor since he was a kid. He had also received chiropractic care in high school due to issues with his knees, lower back, and headaches. The adjustments helped. So he decided to become a chiropractor and switched his major to health and human services. When he later walked onto the campus of Life University, he felt it was the place he needed to be and enrolled in its College of Chiropractic.

What brought Dr. Whedon
to Walton Chiropractic?

Family was a big driver for joining Walton Chiropractic. When Dr. Whedon was working in Grand Rapids, he saw his daughter maybe an hour at night, maybe a half hour in the morning if she was awake. He had a half-hour commute to work each way. He wanted more time with family and to be able to watch his daughter grow up.


There were also those spiritual draws…the unexplainables. Those draws have always been a big pull in his life. He's drawn to chiropractic…drawn to everything he does. His going to Grand Rapids and then to Walton Chiropractic has been due to family, his spiritual life, and God.

What's really important
about Dr. Whedon?

Dr. Whedon is married to Lauren. They have one daughter, Peyton, and a small dog named Adi.

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